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Make-up: Bollywood hints

Entertainment 23-08-2018 6723

Make-up: Bollywood hints

There is no doubt that attires of Bollywood actresses are epitomes of sartorial excellence. Casual, clingy, baggy, comfortable, cool, or décolleté; these divas keep on amazing us with their stunning designer clothes. They are many style trends to steal in here to make us look gorgeous. But that’s not all. There is much to learn in make-up techniques too. So, let’s start.

Although some Bollywood looks can prove to be over to top for us, there is always a flawless make-up look to go with our various attires or specific-to-the-occasion make-up needs.

Sonam Kapoor with pink lips and eyeliner is a pure example of fortitude. Look at her comfort in this bold look. She looks ravishing. And the dash of highlighter that she has added has made her pep her glow up. You can also use highlighters suitable for your skin type to add to the glow on your face. A generous dash of highlighter makes your skin look fresh and hydrated. Different variations can be used. For instance, Gold and silver are among the most commonly used highlighters for a hydrated look. Rose gold can also be used for this added oomph.

If you are not one of those to be daunting enough to wear a bold red lipstick, shades of coral would work best for you. The best about this hue on your lips is that it suits mostly all Indian skin tones. Another benefit here is that it’s good for any occasion ranging from parties to wearing it up for work, provided it goes with your attire. Wearing it with white can give you a look that is more than enough to steal the show. Check out the international Diva Priyanka Chopra in her Coral lips. She looks amazingly beautiful.

Clean bold brows are in vogue! Although it is one trend that never goes out of style, not everyone knows the trick to pull it off. The trick here is to invest in a good brow-kit. You can also go in for a popular waxy pencil. Make sure, you use hues of brown as black might not be able to hide the fact that it’s artificial. Shades of Brunette would also work good, but no black please. It rarely gives an original fresh look. Take your eyes on a beauty treat with Deepika Padukone looking amazingly stunning in her Clean thick brows.

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Make-up plays a vital role in making you look the way you want to look. Go with make-up hints from our Bollywood Divas and rule the show.

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