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Design Thinking: Problem solving gets creative

Technology 21-08-2018 5145

Design Thinking: Problem solving gets creative

Is your problem related to your country, business, planet earth, or something really vague? Don't worry and follow design thinking. Is your problem ill defined, unstructured, or totally unknown? Not to worry, apply design thinking.

Yes! Design thinking has been discovered to solve complex problems by re-framing the problem, based on human needs, or by understanding the problem in human centric ways. It's like applying your creativity to the problem and doing a lot of brain storming on it. Design thinking depends upon doing something or trying to think differently about the problem rather than trying to solve it as per learnt techniques and methods. Be it about making a prototype model or testing, design thinking believes in applying hands on approach to it.

As it is human-centered, design thinking starts with empathizing with the problem and those affected by it. Keeping the time constraint in mind, the first step is to involve yourself in the physical environment where the problem actually originated. It's like keeping your assumptions aside and consulting experts to get a deeper insight into the experiences of people amidst the problem concerned. A lot of information is collected at this stage.

Once we have our information and data ready, it's time to define the problem based on that. Once again, the point to be kept in mind is to define the problem in the most human-centric way.

Next, we should proceed to ideate the problem. It includes use of various techniques possible like brainstorming, scamper, worst possible idea, and brain write to expand the problem space of the problem and vitalize free thinking. 'Out of the box' thinking would help you get through this stage of design thinking. Once a number of ideas are created, another technique should be used to test the relevance of these ideas.

Thereafter, a prototype of the problem is made to test the ideas in order to reject or accept them. Once this is done, the best found solutions are applied to the product and the best out of the best solutions is applied to the problem.

All the above information explains how design thinking is known to be a creative way to solve problems. Looking at what design thinking does, it is not hard to understand why is technique, gaining importance at such a high pace. In today's market and with well-informed customers, design thinking is the only way to make your products and services stand out to have an edge in the competitive environment around.

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The main feature that adds vitality to design thinking is it's human centric approach and out-of-the-box thinking.

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